What do these values on Database Configuration Tool Validate option mean?

Default location: C:\Program Files\AccessData\DBConfigTool\DBConfig.exe

Click Validate



  • ClearEmptyDatabases -Remove ADG databases that have no cases or shared schema present.
  • FixSequences - Check Sequence values and reset them to Max(Column) + 1 if needed. Also on MSSQL move sequence files to proper location if needed.
  • RebuildMissingIndexes - Rebuild any missing index, primary keys, or unique key constraints
  • FailAllHungJobs - Set any jobs that are not complete to failed.
  • ValidatePermissionsAndVersions - Check for users/groups/roles that are not current (Ex: ADG55 when it should be ADG56, etc.) Also see if all case versions are the same.
  • RemoveAbandonedObjectData - REMOVE any "object" data that does not have a primary value in the cmn_objects table (this can happen when EP fails and does not properly clean up).
  • ApplyAddendums - Apply any data addendums (new--these are "data patches") -- currently there is only one: a remedy for out of sync Head Of Family flags.
  • FixFTKFilterMRUDefaultDates - changes what looks like an "empty" or negative date to be a valid date in the table ftk_FilterReceintAttrs table. [TFS 18494] Looks like there is an error in either restore, migration that puts bad data in the column. The fix simply makes the date be valid (it sets it to 01-01-0001) Only happened on Oracle databases.


Note: To allow all validation options to be selectable, log in as the service account and use "Windows Authentication" with the dbconfig tool.

E.g. The "FailAllHungJobs" validation option will cause the "Validate" button to gray out, when "SQL authentication" is used. This occurs because sql authentication cannot be used against certain databases (e.g. "ediscovery" database). Every time an option is selected in dbconfig's "validate" options, dbconfig will ping the database using the selected options. If the SQL database responds, then the "Validate" becomes selectable.



This should be run monthly to ensure to prevent any of the above causing issues in future jobs. If you have had instability on your server, unexpected reboots, operating system issues, networking issues, failed processing jobs or any other type of unexpected behavior these should be run. A restart is recommended after running validate.