Please find the release notes attached and download locations below.

All assisted upgrades are a paid engagements, contact us at to receive a quote. 

Please review the specifications guide here: Summation Specification Guide


1. Install the DBConfig tool.
2. Log into Windows as the Summation service account.
3. Launch DBConfig (C:\Program Files\AccessData\DBConfigTool\DBConfig.exe)
4. Select the "Default" configuration from the list.
5. Click "Validate"
6. Check all of the boxes
7. Select "Windows Authentication" from the Authentication Mode drop-down list.
8. Click Validate
9. Copy the results to a text document and send to

DO NOT CONTINUE IF STEP 8 shows any errors.

Single Server Installer Download Information

The Summation Pro 5.6.3 Single Server installer can be downloaded using this link.

The installation and upgrade guides for the Single Server installer are available in the following link: Summation Install Guides.

Multi-Server Installer Download Information

The Summation Pro 5.6.3 Multi-Server installer can be downloaded using the following credentials: 
Username: accessdata-sument
Password: SxcBy\V^kkU0
This can also be accessed via FTP using the same credentials above but using the FTP URL below:
URL: ftps://
Note: Windows currently does not provide native SFTP functionality (Unix and OS X, however, do). To connect to a SFTP site on a Windows operating system you will need to use a client capable of SFTP like WinSCP or FileZilla
The installation guide for the Multi-Server installer is available here.

Summation Pro 5.6.3 is compatible with FTK/LAB 5.6.0.

Feel free to post below with questions or comments. If you have support issues please submit a ticket above to generate a request.