Issue: When trying to import data with a load file the following error appear or is logged in the Summation System Log when clicking the Map Fields button: "A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception." This generally occurs when MAP is installed on a different server than the Summation services.
Resolution: This error occurs due to the way the application is calling the "check file" service from the web server. To resolve, we need to enter the IP into the web.config on the web server. Instructions to do so are below:
1. Go to your web server, into the following directory: C:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP.
2. Open up client.config.
3. Search for "CheckFileService".
4. Change the Machine name to IP of the server that has the application services (example below).
5. Open up the CMD prompt and type IISRESET and hit enter (this will take only a few minutes but may interrupt active users).