• A physical CodeMeter dongle connected to the NLS machine.
  • The dongle must be flagged as "network dongle" (License Manager will show an "N" at the end of the dongle's serial number).  To have this flag set on your CodeMeter device, please contact your sales rep or account manager.
  • CodeMeter Runtime must be installed on the NLS machine.
  • All involved machines must be configured to not block incoming and outgoing traffic on TCP port 6921 or 5555.
  • All involved machines must be on the same physical LAN to reduce license check latency.


  1. Download and install the latest version of NLS from the Product Downloads Page
  2. Restart the "AccessData Network License Service" or reboot the machine


  • AccessData License Manager should be installed in order to manage licenses on the network dongle.
  • Network dongles can hold up to 120 licenses.  Each License has a capacity to hold 120 sub licenses.
  • A web interface to view and revoke licenses all licenses are accessible at http://localhost:5555
  • Some versions of windows may not find a local NLS server when the DNS hostname of the server is provided.  In those cases, it is recommended to use a static IP address.
  • When using the NLS across domains, users must have permissions to access resources on both domains (either by dual-domain membership or cross-domain trust).
  • When running NLS on Windows Server 2008, Terminal Services must be installed and accepting connections. If Terminal Services is not configured it will not open the port and share out the licenses correctly.
  • If the client application is having trouble reading a license either from the NLS server or from a security device (dongle), it is recommended to delete the file at "C:\ProgramData\AccessData\Products\Common\NLMPreferences.xml" in order to reset the licensing configuration to default.

Article last validated Sep 2023