How do I configure AD Enterprise to use Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication?



Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Management Server Configuration in "[drive_letter]:\Program Files\AccessData\Management Server\Utilities\admsconfig.exe."
  2. Under the Database Connection tab, enter the information to connect to your ADMS database and click Verify
    This enables the Save button

  3. Click the LDAP Authentication tab.
  4. Check the box Enable LDAP Authentication.
  5. Fill in the Server, Port, Base DN, User DN (this should be user name), and Password.
  6. Click Verify
  7. Click Save and then Close


  • Accounts still need to be created and permissions assigned in the AccessData Management Server (ADMS). The username created in ADMS should match the Windows username (i.e., samAccountName).
  • Management Server will still prompt you to create a password for each new account.  This is used as a redundant password to log into Enterprise in case the Active Directory connection is not working.



This feature alleviates the burden of password management from the Application Administrators.