When starting PRTK, you are told it can't connect to the Supervisor service (which connects over port 49190).



To determine what application or service is using port 49190:

  1. Open a Command Prompt
  2. Run the command netstat -ano | find ":49190"
  3. The right side of the window will list the PID of the process using port 49190
  4. Open Task Manager
  5. Open the Processes tab, and show processes from all users
  6. Go to View > Select Columns
  7. Check the box for "PID (Process Identifier)" and click OK
  8. Find the PID from step 3 to determine what is using port 49190, and end the process (as long as it is safe to do so)



Another application or service is using port 49190



  • You may reserve the ports used by PRTK/DNA from being used by some other applications by following the steps here.
  • If the conflicting service using port 49190 is necessary, you may change the ports used by PRTK by following the steps here.