How do I configure Summation/eDiscovery to use Active Directory authentication?

Note: Active Directory authentication can only be tied to one domain.  If your users are spread over multiple domains, you should not use Active Directory authentication.



1. Login and click Management >> System Configuration

2. Click "Active Directory"

3. Configure the items as shown below (Do not check "Use Global Catalog")

(Note: Checking "AD Sync Recurrence" will attempt to sync ALL users in Active Directory and is NOT recommended)

4. Click "Next."

5.  Add the appropriate Active Directory fields and click "Next" (see example below).

6. (6.0 and newer) If you'd like to be notified via email when certain fields in Active Directory change, as detected by synchronization with Summation/eDiscovery, select the fields you want notifications about and the users to receive those notifications.

7. Click Save (not "Save and Sync").



This will allow you to add users through Active Directory using the User tab in Summation.