Install a New System to the New Server


1) From any workstation, using the Summation CD or downloaded Install file, run the installer and install a new system on the new server.

2) Type in your existing install code, and also the path to the new server.

3) Make sure that it's not installed to the root of a share (e.g. \\newserver\summation), you should install to a folder inside the root of the shared folder (e.g. \\newserver\summation\blaze).

4) Follow the prompts to complete the new install on the new server. You may have to temporarily turn off any anti-virus program on the server to speed up the installation


Reinstalling the Clients to Update the New Server Location

(This must be done before putting the old server offline)


1) On each workstation, manually remove the client software by going to "Control Panel">"Add/Remove Programs" before running the "Networkclientinstallation".

2) From each workstation, browse to the "Client Setup" folder on the new server, and run the "Networkclientinstallation" file

3) Summation will then automatically reinstall the new client software which has information about the new system on the new server.


Migrating the Data


1) From the old server, copy the contents in your "Cases", "CaseData", "Admin" (only if you want to copy over any security settings that you might have set before), "Profiles" (only if you want to copy over the user's preferences over).

2) Paste the content on the above folders to their corresponding folders in the new server.

3) For the "Cases" folder, replace all files except for the caseinfo.ini file (this file stores new case creation location)

4) For the "Admin" folder, replace all files except for the swadmin.exe.

5) After the copy process is completed, in the new "Cases" folder, there is a .CI file for each case. Open each .CI file in notepad and on the 2nd line (Casedir=... ) Change the old server path to the new server path. But make sure to leave the rest of the path consistent. (For example: \\server\summation\blaze\casedata\testcase to \\newserver\newsummation\newblaze\casedata\testcase).

6) Each file must be updated for each case to open properly. If you have an advanced text editing software, you can perform a "Replace in Files" function to do a global replace in the "Cases Folder"

7) Finally go into the Admin Console (if you can't go into Summation, you can run the SwAdmin.exe from the Summation Program folder, under the Admin folder on the new server but NOT actually being on the new server itself

8) Select the "Groups" tab

9) Click on Case Options at the bottom and click "Verify Case Info Files".

10) Hit OK and get out of Administrator Console and reopen summation.