The Net Status Log dialog window shows that there are some users actively using Summation iBlaze 2.x/3.x (i.e. that have not disconnected from the application). However, it is confirmed that some of those users are not actually running iBlaze (e.g. have left the firm/department or gone on vacation).

Users see an error "Maximum number of sessions in use" and cannot open iBlaze. In addition, Net Status displays the names of users who are inactive and not actually running iBlaze.


1) Access the Summation iBlaze application root directory where sw32.exe resides.

(Tip: In iBlaze, go to Help > "Environment Information" and the path in "Program Location" is the path to the SW32.exe.)


2) In that path, delete the file "SUM2.LOG".

NOTE: No users need to exit Summation IBlaze for this file to be deleted.


3) Launch Summation iBlaze.

The inactive users should be gone and the Net Status Log should appear as expected.

NOTE: It may take some time for the Net Status dialog window to populate correctly with the current set of logged on users.


Applies to:

Summation IBlaze