Maximums and Minimums

Maximums and Minimums

The following table may be helpful in answering your questions about the estimated minimum or maximum parameters of certain features in the AD Summation iBlaze product line. Please note that in many instances, these numbers are approximate numbers.

Maximums and Minimums

Applies to: AD Summation iBlaze, all versions




General Features

Maximum length of Case Name

120 characters

Case Organizer

Maximum # of lines per tab/outline

More than 32,000

Maximum # tabs/outlines


Maximum clipboard size

32k (estimated)

Core Database

Maximum database size

2 GB

Maximum # of characters in a column or field name (not the column or field label)

8 characters

Maximum # of fields per database

800 fields

Maximum # of fields per form

120 fields

Maximum # of phrases connected with & or \ in a Full Boolean or Quick Search

40 search phrases

Maximum # of tables per database

80 tables

Maximum currency value

999999999 (no commas)

Maximum multi-entry width

Roughly 32,000 characters

Maximum note or multi-entry field size

Roughly 32,000 characters

Maximum number of lookup table expansion columns

7 columns

Maximum number of characters that can be entered in a lookup table’s shortcut or expansion field

80 characters

Maximum number of characters in a lookup table’s name

7 characters

Maximum number of characters in a lookup table’s Codecol (Shortcut) or Expansion Column name

80 characters

Maximum real number width

8 characters

Maximum record (summary) size

Roughly 64,000 characters

Maximum text field size

99 characters

Maximum Blaze file size

2 GB

Transcript Notes

Maximum # of notes per transcript


Maximum note record size

Approximately 30,000 characters


Maximum # of search phrases that can be used when searching full-text

Note: This applies to searches conducted with the Case Explorer in focus and the ocrBase selected. It does not apply to searches from within the ocrBase itself.

100 search phrases

Maximum ocrBase size

10 GB

eDocs and eMail

Maximum number of characters allowed in the Body field in the E-form


Maximum number of characters allowed in the To field in the E-form



Quick Search- Maximum number of phrases connected with & or \

10 search phrases

Search Results View - # of Hits per HTML Page

The minimum number of hits that can be displayed on an HTML page is 5 (when there is more than one page of results) and the maximum is 500.

Search Results View

5 search results can be opened at once by default, but this can be changed to a maximum of 9.


Maximum # of transcripts per case


Maximum transcript line width

128 characters (80 characters is optimal)

Maximum # of characters in description

40 characters

Maximum transcript size

1 MB (approximately 1,000 pages)