Frequently Asked Questions


What is a "companion database"?

A "companion database" is a database used by Summation Enterprise to aid in merging data from one data source to another.


Is a "companion database" required to allow Summation Enterprise to function?

No, a "companion database" is not required to be set in any case. Summation Enterprise can function without a "companion database" setting.


What is a "companion database" used for?

Summation Enterprise uses the companion database during certain briefcasing operations; the companion database is required for only these specific workflows:

  • "Copy Rows" from briefcase
  • Creating a "webblaze" briefcase


How can I configure a "companion database"?

This is a case-specific setting; i.e. you may configure it on just one or a few of your cases and leave the settings blank for other cases.

You can use any database as a companion database. Note: a sql login is required (i.e. does not work with Windows authentication).

To configure a companion database for a particular case, do the following:

1) Open the desired Enterprise case

2) Select Case-->Customize and click the "... " button next to "Companions database" dialog.

3) Add a SQL instance name, a desired database name, and a sql login that has access to the desired database.

4) Click 'OK'.

Note: Once configured for a certain case, this setting will be stored in a file named "SSECompanions.ini" found within that case's "All Users" profile folder. 

Sample path:

... \CaseData\P. FRANC VS. K. MORRIS\Profiles\All Users\SSECompanions.ini



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