You receive the error "Error loading library eaecc.dll" when attempting to decrypt Guardian Edge whole disk encryption with FTK 5.6.3.



  1. Close FTK
  2. Navigate to to "%Program Files%\AccessData\Evidence Processing Engine\10.12"
  3. Copy the files EAECC.dll and EPCL32.dll
  4. Navigate to "%Program Files%\AccessData\Forensic Toolkit\5.6\bin"
  5. Paste the copied files, overwriting the existing ones
  6. Attempt to perform Guardian Edge decryption again.



The DLLs EAECC.dll and EPCL32.dll in the FTK 5.6.3 "bin" folder were accidentally signed by AccessData upon release, causing them not to function correctly.  The corresponding DLLs in the Processing Engine folder were left unsigned, and are the ones that should be used.