How large can I expect my case to grow?  



Case size can be measured with three different storage areas - evidence files (i.e., processed ESI [Electronically Stored Information]), case folder, and database.  To help estimate how large a case will grow, we've processed three different data sets using different processing options.  Aggregating this information can provide guidance on expected storage requirements for the three storage areas.  

Averages of the results above can assist in estimating how much storage will be required based on the processing options chosen and the amount of evidence to be processed.  Below are the resulting percentages.



It should be noted that the storage requirements may very depending on the type of evidence being processed.  The figures above were derived using PST email data.  Different types of data will yield different results and therefore different percentages with which to build more accurate metrics for varying data sets.

This information was gathered using Summation Pro 5.6.3 SP3.