In an active case with multiple users coding documents, performance is sluggish and, at times, review is non-responsive.



(Important NOTE: For systems utilizing distributed processing architecture, the ProcessingManager.exe.config (for the DPM) and ProcessingEngine.exe.config (for each DPE) should replace ProcessingHost.exe.config described below.  Systems using distributed processing should NOT have a ProcessingHost.exe.config file.)  


An entry can be made to the ProcessingHost.exe.config file to increase the threshold of indexes, reducing the frequency of index merge.  This config file can be located in the path below.

"[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Evidence Processing Engine\\"

The key below should be added with a value of 50 to the section.  This value dictates how many indexes the system will create before it attempts to merge the index down to four.

Once this key has been added, ProcessingHost.exe (or ProcessingManager.exe and ProcessingEngine.exe for distributed environments) must be restarted for the change to take effect.  Running the Recycle Services script will restart this process.



Index merge (index_merge.exe) automatically runs at the end of Indexing jobs, which can be quite often if you are coding text fields or have tag indexing enabled.  This can cause performance issues if the available system resources are insufficient.