What is the purpose of the "SSEConfig" database in Summation Enterprise?


"SSEConfig" is an Enterprise (version 2.7.x-only) database used to support a "code-and-compare" feature. It is created during installation of Enterprise 2.7.0 and is accessed by a SQL server login also created at install time (default username “amulitAdmin”).

If the Equivio code-and-compare features in 2.7.0 are needed, the "SSEConfig" database and the "amulitAdmin" SQL login are required for that functionality. Equivio Analyzer is a third-party tool that can perform duplicate analysis on data exported from the column view of Summation Enterprise.

NOTE: Equivio code-and-compare is described in Help > Online Help.


Applies to:

Summation Enterprise 2.7.0

Summation Enterprise 2.7.1