Description: This document is to present the path to support and how to invoke an escalation path so users can let Support Management know when they feel that their issue needs escalation.

United States based support hours are from 7AM - 6PM (MST)

International Support hours start 9AM CEST (1AM - MST) and will be picked up by the US team if needed.

Users have three ways they can open a support ticket.

  1. Live Chat from or
  2. Send an email to for standard customers.
    Send an email to for assistance with QBlaze cases hosted by AccessData.
    Send and email to for assistance with Summation Pro cases hosted by AccessData.
  3. Use the Web Form at to submit a new Request under "My Activities".

Support Tiers Offered

  • Standard Support - These tickets will go to Tier 1 Support Engineers.
  • Silver Support - These tickets will go directly to Tier 2 Support Engineers.
  • Gold Support - These tickets will go directly to Tier 3 Support Engineers.

Requesting Escalation

You can log into the Web Form at and go to "My Activities". Find your current open request that you would like to have escalated or have manager involvement. There is a check box for "Request Escalation or Manager Review". Checking this and submitting your ticket will alert all the managers that review is requested on that ticket.


While we do not have a phone support option, we do have a Live Chat option that you can utilize to request immediate assistance if your email / web form ticket needs prompt attention.

If your issue does not receive a response from these two actions in an acceptable time frame; the below contacts can be used.

April Humberd (EST)
Director of Support and Managed Services

Brandon Harmon (MST)
Senior Advanced Product Support Engineer

Jonathan Shorter (GMT)
Senior Director, International Technical Engineering
+44 203 289 6662