The Site Server service starts, and will work on tasks, however it consistently crashes or is running at an unacceptably slow rate.



Site Server Troubleshooting Maintenance

1. Ensure there are no active collection jobs or system jobs running.
2. Log into FTK Central, go to "System Management" >> "Site Server Console"
3. Delete all of the jobs / tasks that have not already been automatically cleared from the Site Server's "Jobs" table.
4. Stop the Site Server service (if running) and the collection Work Manager service.
5. Clear the contents of the Root Site Server "storage" directory. (See the "Configure Site Server" utility for the current path to the Site Server Results folder. The "Storage" directory is a subfolder within the results directory.)
6. Start the Site Server service and the collection Work Manager service.



The cause of this issue is that without regular maintenance, the Site Server can sometimes get clogged up because it is trying to check on the status of orphaned task records that did not get cleared out properly from its queue.


This article is verified as of version 7.6 SP3