How can I perform Site Server maintenance?



  1. Ensure there are no active collection jobs running.
  2. Log into eDiscovery, go to "Management" (sprocket icon) >> "Site Server Console" >> "Jobs" tab.
  3. Delete all of the jobs / tasks that have not already been automatically cleared from the Site Server's "Jobs" table.
  4. Stop the Site Server service (if running) and the collection Work Manager service.
  5. Open the Site Server Configuration utility.
  6. Navigate to the Site Server Results folder within Windows Explorer, and rename the Results folder (ie. if it used to be "SSResults", name it "SSResults.old").
  7. In the Site Server Configuration Utility, modify the Site Server Results folder path by either adding or removing a trailing "\" and click "Apply".  This will restart the Site Server Service and rebuild the Site Server Results folder.
  8. Start the Site Server service and the collection Work Manager service.



These steps can help in keeping the Site Server's database clean, and aid in troubleshooting Site Server issues.