eDiscovery Admin Guides, Reviewer Guides, and Release Notes:

The Admin Guide is geared towards IT, System Admin and litigation support personnel and covers the following:

  • Workflows for Administrators
  • Configuring and managing the system, system users, user groups and roles
  • Using the Work Manager Console and Logs
  • Using the Site Server Console
  • Configuring Data Sources such as network shares, computers, email servers, and web sites
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing aspects of projects: Review Sets, Transcripts and Exhibits, Document Groups
  • Setting Project Permissions
  • Running Reports
  • Getting Started with KFF
  • Using Cerberus Malware Analysis
  • Managing Litigation Holds
  • Loading Data including DII files
  • Configuring collections
  • Installing Windows / UNIX/Linux/ Macintosh agents


The Reviewer Guide is geared towards end user litigation support, paralegals, attorneys and covers the following:

  • Customizing the UI Layouts and panels
  • Viewing Data in Layouts and panels
  • Deleting Documents
  • Configuring and running quick and advanced searches
  • Using filters to cull data
  • Using Visualization - Social Analyzer, Geolocation, Heatmap
  • Working with Transcripts and Exhibits
  • Imaging documents
  • Applying Tags / Labels
  • Coding Documents - Grid, Review Sets, Predictive Coding
  • Annotating Evidence
  • Bulk Printing
  • Managing Review Sets
  • Exporting Data - Export and Production Sets
  • Getting Started with KFF