How can I just get the recent logs for my case to send to support?



Install the attached tool by running setup on the server where AccessData components are running. Typically you will want to run this on the application server, but you may need to run it on multiple machines if your AccessData services are distributed.

The attached tool will allow copy out the following into the save location. The default is C:\Logs:

  • Any log file updated in the past 3 days.
    • Default Location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\AccessData\AccessDataLogs
  • Any Event Viewer Error in the past 3 days.
  • All Registry Information under the AccessData registry key. (Remote Registry services is required to be started and running for this to work.) Uncheck this option if it is not required or needed. This may take a long time if you have a lot of recent entries.
  • Any Processing Manager log updated in the past 3 days.
    • Default Location: C:\ProgramData\AccessData\PM\10\logs



The contents are copied to a folder with today's date. Zip the contents and send to support or attach to your current ticket.

It is designed for you to run this after reproducing the issue.

Note: You should also include the System Log from within the application for a complete set of logs.