How can I create a Load File in FTK 5.6.4 and later?



The ability to generate a Load File was added in FTK 5.6.4 as a Report format option. Because it is a Report format, you cannot simply export files to a Load File; rather, you should proceed through your case, bookmarking as desired, as you normally would, before creating a report.



  1. Go to File > Report.
  2. Select the items you wish to include in your Load File, ensuring you check "Export files & include links" where appropriate.  You must select for files to be exported for "Load File" generation to be enabled. This can be through the Bookmarks, Graphics, File Paths, and File Properties sections in the Report Options wizard.
  3. After selecting the desired items to include, click "OK".
  4. At the "Report Output" dialog, check the "Load File" box under "Formats".
  5. Click the "Options" button under "Load File".
  6. Under the "General" tab, choose a name for your load file, set the desired format options, and select the fields to include.
  7. Under the "Files To Include" tab, select whether to include natives, rendered images, and extracted text.
  8. Click "OK".
  9. Set the desired destination under "Report Folder" and click "OK" to generate the Load File.