In AD Enterprise, after going to "Add Remote Data" and adding an Agent target/node, that target/node is red.



6.3 and older

  1. Browse to the Management Server (https://[Management_Server]/adwebsite)
  2. Create or modify a Network Tree to include your desired target/node
  3. Create or modify a Role and grant it access to the Network Tree from step 2
  4. Create or modify a User and grant it the Role from step 3


Refer to the "AD Enterprise First Run" section of the AD Enterprise Installation & Upgrade Guide for more in-depth instructions for steps 2-4.


6.5 and newer

  1. Open Enterprise and choose Tools > Preferences
  2. Select Agent List
  3. Select (highlight) a User Group on the left side of the window
  4. On the right side of the window, check the box next to any and all machines that you'd like the users in that group to be able to collect from.
  5. Hit save

You must connect to the machine using the same information that is listed in the Agent list, so if it is listed with an IP address, connect through the IP address, or if it is connected through computer name, connect through the computer name.



You do not have permissions to access that target/node, as defined in the Management Server.