When performing an add evidence job, the work manager runs out of memory. When looking in the Data Volume Report, it's full of KFF errors for each object in the case. This often happens after repairing a broken KFF connection.



  • Go to the case folder for the case and locate the JT folder.
  • In the JT folder, there are files with an extension of .jtk.
  • Rename all the .jtk files, or at least the largest .jtk files with a different extension.
  • Run the add evidence job again.


When the KFF configuration is not correct, then a very large number of KFF errors will be generated, and the report containing the errors will consume large amounts of memory.

It turns out that the report that is run after an Add Evidence job is cumulative -- it contains all the errors that have ever occurred in the case, not just those in the most recent Add Evidence job. Therefore, once a case has this problem, it will continue to have the problem unless something is done to reduce the number of errors included in the report. 

After these resolution steps, future reports run after Add Evidence jobs will only contain the errors from the .jtk files (if any) that still have their original extensions. This smaller number of error messages will not cause the report generation process to consume too much memory.