Release notes:

Summation & eDisco 5.6.3 SP5 RN


Installation (Summation & eDiscovery):

Download the Summation Pro and eDiscovery 5.6.3 Patch 5 installer from here.

On all machines involved in your setup:

  1. Log into Windows using the credentials for your Summation/eDiscovery service account
  2. Open the Microsoft Services snap-in (services.msc)
  3. If any "AccessData" sevices are marked as Disabled, make note of them and double-click on each and set the Startup Type to Automatic
  4. Stop the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" service
  5. Copy the patch locally to the system
  6. Right-click on the Patch EXE and choose "Run as Administrator"
  7. Click "Great! Continue" to have all components on that machine patched automatically
  8. If any "AccessData" services were marked as Disabled in step 3, stop them and set their Startup Type back to Disabled
  9. Start the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" service

eDiscovery only:

  1. Follow the steps here to upgrade your Site Server(s).
  2. Follow the steps here to make sure your Work Manager collection staging folder is still set correctly.



If you've installed the Evidence Processing Engine or Distributed Processing Manager with any installer other than those from the original Summation/eDiscovery 5.6.3 ISO, this patch will not update them. Instead, you will need to use the EP and DPM installers from here (password: abc123!).


On any machines used to access the Summation/eDiscovery Web UI:

  1. Clear the IE cache
  2. Browse to the Summation/eDiscovery Web UI and log in
  3. Click the version information in the top right hand corner and confirm it matches the version numbers below: