Why don't my search reports include my exact search phrases?



When the search report is generated in FTK Central, where complex phrases are used, including but not limited to w/ and wild card phrases, the search report does not report the phrase due to a limitation in the method in DTSearch.

When the query contains a wildcard or there are variations active (e.g. stemming, fuzzy, wild card, within proximity), we enable the "dtsSearchWantHitDetails" flag during search execution to ensure that dtSearch reports the actual terms that were hit, instead of just the original search term that was matched. When enabled, "dtsSearchWantHitDetails" overrides "dtsSearchWantHitsByWord," which we normally set to request that phrase hits are reported as phrases rather than hits on the individual words in the phrase.

In other words, the ability to see the actual terms hit for a query like "fresh* meat" is mutually exclusive with the ability to have the phrase hits reported as whole phrases. This limitation has been confirmed with dtSearch support.

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The use of stems and wild cards in searches add complexity to the resulting search reports.