How can I use Apache's OpenCMIS Workbench to verify a CMIS repository is configured correctly prior to adding a CMIS connector in eDiscovery?





  1. Download the OpenCMIS Workbench from Apache.
  2. Unzip the OpenCMIS Workbench package.
  3. Run the extracted "workbench.bat".
  4. In the Basic tab at the Login dialog, specify the URL, Binding type, and credentials for your CMIS server and click "Load Repositories".
    Notes: Be sure to use an OpenCMIS-compatible endpoint URL, rather than an API URL.  eDiscovery only supports "AtomPub" and "Web Services" Protocol Bindings, and "Standard" authentication.
  5. Select the desired repository from the drop-down under "Load Repositories" and click "Login".

If OpenCMIS Workbench is able to successfully connect at this point, your CMIS repository should be OK to add as a Data Source in eDiscovery.  When adding the connector in eDiscovery, be sure to use the same URL, credentials, and settings that were used to connect in OpenCMIS Workbench.



This demonstrates how to use OpenCMIS Workbench to verify the correct settings for a CMIS repository prior to adding it as a Data Source in eDiscovery.