How can I add a CMIS repository as an eDiscovery Data Source?



It is recommended to verify you are using the correct URL, credentials, and settings by following the steps at Testing CMIS repository connections with OpenCMIS Workbench



  1. In eDiscovery, go to Data Sources > CMIS.
  2. Click the  icon in the upper-right.
  3. Enter the connection URL, User Name, and Password.
    Note: eDiscovery only supports "Standard" authentication.
  4. Select the Protocol Binding to use.
    Notes: Be sure to use an OpenCMIS-compatible endpoint URL, rather than an API URL.  eDiscovery only supports "AtomPub" and "Web Services" Protocol Bindings, and "Standard" authentication.

  5. Click "Connect".
  6. Select the desired repository from the drop-down under "Connect" and click "OK".



This demonstrates how to add a CMIS repository as a Data Source in eDiscovery.