When attempting to run ocr on-the-fly:

1) The iBlaze process SW32.exe errors with "error loading image into OCR". SW32.exe subsequently crashes.

2) The Enterprise process SUMMSSE.EXE errors with "error loading image into OCR", yet the image page is fairly clean and should be ocr-able. 


Do either of the following on the machine running the iBlaze/Enterprise client or mobile:

1) Create an Opt-out setting in DEP to exclude SW32.exe or SummSSE.exe from DEP.

2) Enable DEP only for Windows processes.

Any of the above settings changes will require a reboot of the server or workstation.


Here is a link describing Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

Here is a link describing how to configure DEP.


DEP is preventing the application from accessing memory when performing OCR on-the-fly.


Applies to:

Summation iBlaze (sw32.exe), all versions.

Summation Enterprise (SummSSE.exe), all versions.