When attempting to launch FTK, the error message below appears

 "No more user licenses are available."



1) Open License Manager.

2) Under the "Licenses" tab, confirm the version of FTK you are licensed for:

An FTK standard license

An FTK International license

3) Confirm that the "Expiration" date is current.  If it is not, please refresh the device first, and if the date still is not current afterward please contact your sales representative for renewal options. 

4) Confirm that you have downloaded and installed the proper version of FTK for your license.  FTK International ISOs and discs will have "INT" or "INTL" in their name.  All downloads can be found on the Download's Page.



This error can have multiple causes.  A very common cause is the use of FTK International rather than the standard version of FTK.  FTK International requires a different license and, when launched, if it cannot find the International license, it will throw the above error.  

If using Network License Service (NLS), the error may have a different cause and resolution.  This article will help resolve this issue for NLS users: When launching an AccessData program, I get "no license found" error and no prompt to point to an NLS