How do I configure LawDrop?



  • During the installation of "WCF Services", you must have specified the machine name of the Web Server (running "AccessData MAP") in the "LawDrop Server" field on the "Service hosts" page.
    Note: If the Web Server is public-facing, you should specify the outside address, or fully qualified domain name, of the Web Server in the "LawDrop Server" field.
  • Create a share where you would like LawDrop files stored.
  • Ensure that your "service account" has Full permissions to the LawDrop share.



  1. Log into the web interface as an Administrator
  2. Click the Management (gears) button in the upper-right
  3. Go to the "System Configuration" tab
  4. Click "Project Defaults"
  5. In the "LawDrop DropSpace Path", specify the desired LawDrop share
  6. Click "Save" 



LawDrop allows users of Summation and eDiscovery to upload, download, and share files via the web browser, either to individual DropSpaces or on a project-specific basis.

Once the default "LawDrop DropSpace Path" has been configured, LawDrop will automatically create the necessary folder structures.  The the default "LawDrop DropSpace Path" is used to house the "My DropSpace" folders, while each project will also have its own separate share.  All projects will automatically have "lawdrop" folders created within their individual Project Folders, and those will contain the "Exports" and "Intake" folders that you see in the LawDrop interface.

If the "LawDrop DropSpace Path" has not been configured, you will receive the error "The default path for the user's dropspace folder is not set" when attempting to open LawDrop.