When performing Additional Analysis on cases that were created before applying patch 5 for Summation 5.6.3, the error message below appears:

"Unable to locate Distributed Processing Engine on Localhost"

Loose data can still be added to the case using FTK without a problem.



In earlier versions of FTK, the file “proc_mgr_file.txt” was used.  Now with patch 5 the file name is called Owner_Info.XML

The Owner_Info.XML file contains information that is different from the proc_mgr_file.txt file.

AccessData® Forensic Toolkit®16SQL\EDISCO">SQL\EDISCO-1MSSQL

The Owner_Info file contains the name of the SQL Server and FTK Case ID

The proc_mgr_file.txt file, it may contain the name of the DPM Server or LocalHost.


  1. Make sure the Owner_Info.XML is present. Not every case will have this.  This file will show up if items are added to a case using FTK.
  2. If this is in a DPM configuration, make sure “LocalHost” is added to the list of servers in the Distributed Manager Configuration page.