Summation Enterprise and iBlaze:

Description of Preferred Transcript Format (Amicus)

AD Summation Enterprise and iBlaze (iBlaze, LG Gold, Blaze LG) are integrated litigation support tools used by over 100,000 legal professionals around the world. One of the tools integrated in Enterprise and iBlaze is a deposition transcript module, which gives users the ability to issue-code and search their transcripts.

The information on this page is written to court reporters and provides transcript formatting guidelines to make loading transcripts into Summation software as easy as possible.


Note: These transcript format settings are also recommended for Summation Pro and AD Ediscovery.



Dear Court Reporter,

Please follow the recommendations below when formatting ASCII transcripts to be loaded into AD Summation Enterprise or iBlaze.


If possible, choose AMICUS or SUMMATION:

Some CAT systems have an option to output in either "AMICUS" or "SUMMATION" format.

When creating transcript output for a user of CT Summation software, for best results, select either AMICUS or SUMMATION formatting.

If your CAT system does not have an AMICUS or SUMMATION option, please use parameters listed below to guide your format settings.

Transcript Format settings recommended for Summation software:

        Transcript file size of one megabyte or less.

        Consistent number of lines per page if neither page breaks nor Summation's preferred page number format (described below) are used.  Note: for best results when printing a transcript from Iblaze, limit page content to 25 lines per page.

        No lines longer than 78 characters.

        Place line numbers in columns 2 and 3.

        Deposition text should start at least one space after line number, we recommend starting in column 7.

Additional considerations to provide best results for Summation software:

        Ensure page numbers are:

1.      Left-justified.

2.      Zero-padded to four or five digits.

For example, the number for page 34 would become either 0034 or 00034. The first digit of the page number is considered column one.

        Ensure that the very first line of the transcript (which is usually the top of the caption page) contains the page number of the first page of the volume. For example, you might use "0123" (or "00123") if the second volume of a deponents testimony begins with page 123.

        Page breaks (also known as "form feeds") are not necessary, and are not advised for transcripts already containing left-justified, zero-padded page numbers. If you must include them, they should be on the line preceding the corresponding page number.

        Do not use any headers or footers.

        Number all lines in the body of the transcript.

        Remove blank lines.

Summation Preferred Transcript Format Example

23 THE COURT: I am not sure that that effort -- a lot

24 of those that might be is one that was contemplated by

25 Rule 218.


1 MR. GEORGE: Certainly, sir, to the extent I submit

2 he is qualified to give expert evidence in this field.

3 It would, I would think fall within 218 but again he is

4 opinioning on matters that the defendants' experts have

5 an opinion on in the past.

6 THE COURT: So far, you know, it seems to me that

7 what I am being asked to do is make a ruling now on the

8 admissibility of defense evidence-in-chief which is going

9 to come -- I know that you said this to me the other day,

10 Mr. GEORGE, and you make a suggestion that perhaps now is

11 not the time to be dealing with this matter.

12 MR. GEORGE: That was the reasoning for my argument

13 along that line, sir.

14 THE COURT: I am really not concerned so far in

15 the argument about whether certain reports will go into

16 evidence under Rule 118.1 (3). I am concerned whether I

17 am asked -- I am being asked to rule on whether or not

18 certain witnesses will be allowed to give certain evidence

19 two years from now.

20 MR. GEORGE: With respect, sir, you are being asked

21 to determine whether certain expert witnesses will be

22 allowed to give certain expert evidence two years from now

23 but only as it affects Rastech.

24 THE COURT: Yes.

25 MR. GEORGE: My friend has -


1 THE COURT: I don't intend to say anything today, by

2 the way, relating to admissibility of reports as evidence.