How can I perform fuzzy date searches in Summation and eDiscovery?


DocDate, AccessedDate(FAT), and NoteDate are the only fields that support any type of fuzzy date searching.

 If the field accepts fuzzy dates (e.g., the DocDate field), then the fuzzy dates can be specified in a search like these examples:

  • docdate con 0/0/2010
  • docdate con 20100000
  • docdate greaterthan 10/0/1986
  • docdate greaterthan 19861000
  • docdate lessthan 00000210
  • docdate lessthan 02/10/0000
  • docdate eq 0/12/1999
  • docdate eq 19991200

 Fuzzy dates cannot be used in a BETWEEN search (e.g., docdate between 2/2/2010 ~~ 0/0/2012) even if the field supports fuzzy dates.

 AnyDate works with fuzzy dates on the following searches:

  • anydate greaterthan 10/0/1986
  • anydate greaterthan 19861000
  • anydate lessthan 00000210
  • anydate lessthan 02/10/0000
  • anydate eq 0/12/1999
  • anydate eq 19991200


Unlike DocDate, AnyDate does not support fuzzy dates in a CON search (e.g., ANYDATE CON 0/0/2016 doesn’t work).


In the Grid, here is an example of a date field that CAN NOT be fuzzy searchable:

 Here is an example of a date field that CAN be fuzzy searchable:

In Column settings, the "A" signifies that this field is stored in the database as a "string" so it CAN be used with fuzzy search. The calendar icon signifies the field is stored in the database as SQL DateTime format and can not be used with fuzzy search.