Does my product include the current Agent modules certificate?



  1. After installing your product, navigate to the Agent\modules folder
    FTK/AD Lab/AD Enterprise: C:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Toolkit\[version]\bin\Agent\modules
    Site Server: C:\Program Files\AccessData\SiteServer\Agent\Modules
  2. Double-click the "adata.p7b" to open it it Certificate Manager
  3. On the left, expand the top level and highlight "Certificates"
  4. If it lists both an "AccessData Group LLC" certificate expiring 10/29/2015 and an "AccessData Group Inc." certificate expiring 7/20/2018, then you have the current certificate. (Agent collections will continue to work after 7/20/2018. It does not verify the expiration date of this certificate.)



Without the current modules certificate, you will not be able to perform collections from Agents.  If your Agents were installed with the old certificate, you may need to install a new Agent.

Refer to:

Can't perform Agent collections after 10/29/2015 (AD Enterprise/AD Lab/FTK)

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