How do I configure eDiscovery to collect from Druva?



  • An existing Legal Hold in Druva
  • (eDiscovery 6.0.0 and earlier) Verify your Site Server machine can access your Druva server
  • (eDiscovery 6.0.1 and later) Verify your collections Work Manager machine can access your Druva server



  1. In a browser, log in to your Druva Legal Administrator portal
  2. From the list of Legal Holds, click the Legal Hold you wish to collect from
    Note: This may be under Governance > Legal Hold.
  3. Click the Data Access tab and copy the Data Access URL

  4. Log in to eDiscovery
  5. On the Data Sources page, click Druva
  6. Click  to add a new connector
  7. In the Details pane, set the fields as defined below (see Druva Fields Details below)
  • Name: User-selected name for the connector
  • Path (6.0.0 and earlier): The Data Access URL, reformatted to the syntax \\@ssl\webdav\

    Example: The URL show above would be entered as 

  • Url (6.0.1 and later): The Data Access URL, exactly as shown in Druva, preserving case and adding a trailing slash at the end. (Note: If the Data Access URL specifically notes port 443 in the URL, omit that portion from the URL in the eDiscovery connector.)

    Example: The URL show above would be entered as​​​​​​/

  • Locality (optional): A locality name to better define your connector
  • Username/Password: Credentials of a Druva account with access to the specified Legal Hold
  • Click OK to add the configuration to the Druva
  • Do one of the following:
    • Repeat steps 2-4 to configure additional Druva servers
    • Continue with the next step
  • (Optional) Do any of the following:
    • Click  Edit to edit the parameters of a given configuration
    • Click  Delete to delete a configuration



    You need to aware of the following considerations when configuring the application to attach to a Druva server:

    • The application uses the WebDAV protocol.
    • The Path/Url is case-sensitive.
    • In 6.0.1 and higher, files greater than 4GB are now supported.
    • In 6.0.1 and higher, Site Server is no longer a required component for using the Druva connector.