User attempts to restore a case in dbconfig and receives the following error in the system log:

Project creation exception: String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated.

and then

AppDB project creation failed during sync-up operation between AppDB and UnifiedDB for CaseName : My Case Name, CaseUUID : 1a5ba3bb-87b8-446e-8896-94f63b0520a3


Locate the casedescription field. This will differ depending on the version the backup came from and what application did the backing up, the field it will be in one of the xml files located in the backup directory app.xml or map.xml.


The field is limited to under 200 characters, if this value is higher the syncing will fail to the legalmatters table which will fail to show in the we user interface. Clear this field out, like you see above.


The casedescription field is limited to 256, however the restore process uses FTK case sync and that adds ~40 characters to the case description which causes a failure when attempting to insert too much text into the legalmatters table.