When a certain case is opened, the column view grid stays empty for several minutes. The issue may only happens for certain users and, if the user waits long enough, the column view will eventually populate and the case will open.


Possible Solution:

Refresh the affected users' database-level profiles. To attempt this fix, no other profile needs to be refreshed other than the database-level profile.

Please see this additional support article for more detail about refreshing profiles.

Refreshing User Profiles For Summation IBlaze And Enterprise



Placing the BATESRANGE field onto the column view will cause Summation Enterprise to initiate a table-scan. The column settings are found in the database-level user profile. Refreshing that profile will cause a default profile to be generated for the user (i.e. a default column setting that does not include Batesrange in the column view).


Applies to:

Summation Enterprise