How do I configure AD Ediscovery to collect from Enterprise Vault?


Follow the steps below.

1) Install the AD Ediscovery "Enterprise Vault Connector" onto the Enterprise Vault server.

The Enterprise Vault Connector installer is located in the AD Ediscovery installation iso at the following path:

"[eDisco_disc]\AccessData Solution Installers\07-EnterpriseVaultConnector"

Note: If you try to install the connector on a non-Enterprise Vault server, the installation application will throw an error message "Symantec Enterprise Vault must be installed before continuing".


2) Add Enterprise Vault server and connection information to AD Ediscovery configuration settings.

Configure AD eDiscovery via the "Data Sources" tab.

Please refer to the AD eDiscovery Admin Guide for detailed information on configuring Enterprise Vault in the Data Sources tab.


Supported Versions Of Enterprise Vault

AD Ediscovery Version Enterprise Vault Version
5.6.3 to 6.2 SP2 9, 10, 11
6.2 SP3 and higher 9, 10, 11, 12, *12.2


*As of January 2018, the latest version of "AD Ediscovery" was 6.3.

*Enterprise Vault 12.2 has not been tested but it may work with 6.2 SP3 and newer.


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