In Summation Enterprise, why do I get more search results when I search with the column view in focus and using the "#OCR" keyword, than when I search with the ocr viewer or Case Explorer in focus?


Consider that "AND Proximity" filtering can occur with the "Case Explorer" and OCR viewer in focus, but not with the Column view in focus. Below is more detail.


1) With Case Explorer in focus and "ocrBase" folder selected:

"AND proximity" is in effect and enabled against the results.

I.e. Results are always filtered by the AND proximity settings when using a Case Explorer search.

2) With OCR viewer in focus:

"AND proximity" can be enabled via the search configuration setting.

I.e. Results are dependent on whether "AND proximity" is enabled or disabled.

3) With column view in focus, using "#OCR" keyword:

"AND proximity" is not in effect, and is not enabled against the results.

I.e. Results are not filtered by the "AND proximity" setting.


"AND proximity" settings are only effective on Case Explorer and OCR viewer searches. This difference may explain discrepancies in search results. when different windows are in focus during a search against ocrBase.


Applies To:

Summation Enterprise