Question: How can I import into a lookup table or export from a lookup table?



After linking a form to a desired lookup table, you can open the lookup table in the column view and use the standard export functions (File > Export summaries) and import command (Options > Utilities > Import Summaries).


Steps are below to link a lookup table to a form.


1) Optional but recommended: Create a backup of the database (Case > Tools > Backup database).

2) Click ‘Options’, ‘Utilities’ then ‘Create or Modify Forms’.
3) Close the open form (‘File’ and ‘Close Form’).
4) Click ‘Options’ and ‘Show system tables’ (i.e. select that option with a check mark). 
5) Click ‘File’ then ‘Open form’.
6) At the ‘Form Selection’ screen, select ‘New’ and type ‘[form name]’ as the name for the new form, then click ‘OK’. 
7) The ‘Table Selection Box’ will appear, click ‘[lookup table you want to link to]’ then ‘OK’.
8) Close out of the form editor (‘File’ and ‘Exit’), and choose ‘Yes’ to “Save changes to name?.
9) Close out of the ‘Utilities’ menu.
10) Click ‘File’ then ‘Select Form’ and choose the new form to load (‘Form Name’), and ‘OK’
11) Open up column view and Summation will open to the lookup table.

You may now use the normal Export Summaries procedure to export data from that lookup table.

To import the data, in the case you want to import the data too, go through the same routine to create a form for that table so you can open it in column view, and use the normal Import Summaries feature.


Applies to:

Summation iBlaze

Summation Enterprise