How Do Imports Work?



Stage 1: Database Updates or inserts
  • First database inserts through ASYNC
  • Full job setting can be found in [ADG].[ADG6].[cmn_BusinessServicesJobs] in the [BusinessServicesJobDefinition]
  • Load File used and path can be found in this table for the case: [cmn_Evidence]
  • in this stage the worklist will show the import count up to the records in the load file
  • NOTE: the load file record count is not displayed you have to count in the load file. It is suggested to do this prior to starting the load.
  • When the load file count matches Total Document Count and Processed Document Count then Stage 1 has finished
Stage 2: Engine Work
  • The load file objects are sent to the engine
  • You will find a row added to the table: [cmn_EvidenceOperHistory] this contains your job settings
  • Also a P table like the below will be created this table has progress of indexed and processed of the load file. 0 = not processed yet
    • select processed, count(processed) FROM [Case_ADG6_0005].[ADG6_0005].[P0btt5550jzfkt31fedmea1ftcbt7] group by processed;
  • The P Table referenced above deletes when Stage 2 is complete
  • NOTE: After job is complete there may still be work being done via index_merge.exe, if you load immediately after and index_merge is running it may hold up your next load on this case.



The two stages of a loadfile import are covered in this article