How to use LawDrop in Summation/eDiscovery

  1. Create an export.  Select either AD1, Native or Load File Export.
  2. In the General Options Tab, select the check box "Send to LawDrop".  This will populate the Export path for you.
  3. Once the job completes, it will be available for download in the LawDrop Tab located at the top of the web page.


To Download Exports from LawDrop

  • Click on LawDrop tab.
  • In the panel on the left, you will see your cases and the exports associated with them.
  • Expand the case name then Exports.  A list of files/folders will be in the right-hand panel.


  • Select the checkbox in the right-hand panel.
  • Next, click on the blue down arrow to download the selected items.
  • Save the file as you would with any other download.  The export set you are downloading will be in a zipped file.



  • The benefit of using LawDrop is, it makes it easier to locate your files quickly and easily.
  • Sending files to LawDrop is virtually the same process as exporting except you are putting the data in an easier to find location and not have to hunt around for it later on.