When processing evidence with video thumbnail creation enabled in processing options, no video thumbnails are created.



First, delete any video thumbnail directory from the job folder.

Do an additional analysis for only video thumbnail creation after each of the below steps (to make this go faster, you may want to only select a handful of videos to process just to to see if it works).

Delete the video thumbnail directory before trying each new step.


  • Remove any spaces from your adtemp path.
  • Change ADTemp Location for Exterro Forensic Products to a different drive. 
  • If that doesn't work, move the adtemp location to a different drive but also inside several directories e.g "C:\example\example\adtemp"
  •  If that does not work, try new combination(s) of the above.



The exact cause for this is still being investigated. Most of the time this situation is observed, changing the adtemp drive and folder location has resolved it.