What is the difference between a Production Set Briefcase and a Standard Briefcase.


A Production Set briefcase is used to export data and images, usually to opposing counsel.

Some key tasks performed during Production set briefcasing, include the following:

1) Docid values in the briefcase are renumbered to match the Prodno values of the original record.

2) Edocs handling, during Production Set briefcasing, displays a wizard for native selection, that allows for including a true native email message (i.e. MSG).

In contrast to the above, the below is what happens during Standard briefcasing:

1) Docid values are reused within the briefcase, i.e. no renumbering takes place and the docid value in the briefcase matches the original record.

2) Edocs handling does not include a wizard for native selection, and all email messages in the briefcased set will be rendered as HTML.


Applies to:

Summation IBlaze

Summation Enterprise