How do I enable and generate Simple Search Reports?



Summation/eDiscovery 6.0.1 SP5



  1. Close any browsers connected to Summation/eDiscovery
  2. On the machine running AccessData MAP, navigate to the MAP installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP")
  3. Open Web.config" in a text editor
  4. Find the line 
  5. Change "false" to "true" and save the file

Now after clicking Search Options > Search Report Options > Generate Search Report, you will be presented with the following:



Simple Search Reports were added in Summation/eDiscovery 6.0.1 SP5 and differ from the Default Search Report in the following ways:

  • The report lists search hits as phrases, rather than individual words.
  • The report contains the following new tabs:
    High Level Details - This shows the total number of documents searched, the number of documents not matching, the number of documents matching, the number of documents and families matching, a matching %, and the size in GB of documents matching and not matching and % matching.
    Search Term Details - This shows the number of hits by search term. In the report itself, there is a field where you can enter a date range after the report is generated.
    Custodian Details - This shows the number of documents with hits, and documents with hits plus family, broken out by custodian.
    File Types - This shows the number of documents with hits, broken out by file type and extension.