When attempting to create a document group in Summation/eDiscovery, job creation fails.  The System Log reports "Error creating Document Group XXXX: A critical document group operation is in progress".



  1. Wait for any active Import, Document Group creation, or Document Group deletion jobs to complete in your project (as shown in the Worklist)
  2. Try creating the new Document Group again
  3. If the issue persists, recycle services, ensuring the FTK Business Service is recycled.



Summation/eDiscovery allows only one job, that affects Document Groups in a given project, to run at a time. This prevents problems caused by potentially modifying a Document Group unintentionally.

  • An Import or Document Group creation/deletion job is already running.
  • A document group was deleted while it was still being created.
  • Services were recycled during Document Group creation, leaving the database in a state where it thinks the job is still in progress.