If more than one share is associated to any one custodian (person) and you mark "Select Person's Shares" in the job wizard, the application will collect ALL shares associated to that custodian even if you deselect the check boxes of network shares you wish to exclude from the collection job.

Note: This issue does not apply to the "Select Person's Computers" or the "Computers" tab of the job wizard.



A work-around exists for this UI limitation.  Here are the steps you should follow if you don't want to collect ALL of the network shares associated to a custodian (person):
  1. On the "Job Options" tab of the wizard, select Collection for the job "Type", enter a "Name" for the job
  2. Under "Job Target Options" select "Custodians" only and do not check "Select Person's Shares". Then click "Next"
  3. On the "Custodians" tab, select the custodian(s) whose shares you wish to target.
  4. Still on the "Custodians" tab, select the "Network Shares" tab.
  5. Mark only the check boxes for the shares you wish to target.

    Note: The application keeps track of which network shares you have selected, but does not keep track of which shares you deselect.  If you accidentally select a share you do not wish to include in your collection, it will still be collected even if you deselect it.  It is recommended that you cancel the job wizard and start over if you accidentally select a share you do not wish to target.

  6. Save the collection job and then execute it as you would normally.



The "Select Person's Shares" checkbox programatically overrides the settings on the "Custodians" tab of the job wizard.  In other words, if you put a check mark in the  "Select Person's Shares" box, it does not matter which shares you select or deselect on the Custodians tab, all shares associated to the selected custodians will be targeted for collection.

Note: Only confirmed to affect version 6.0.1 of AD eDiscovery.