The attached package can be used to deploy the Agent manually or with a tool like SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager, now known as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager ) or BigFix.



  1. Download the attached "Windows Agent Installation Package Template.zip".
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.

  3. Copy your Agent installer MSI "AccessData Agent (64-bit).msi" (typically located in "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\[version\bin\Agent\x64" or "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Site Server\Agent\x64") to the extracted "Agent Installer" folder.

  4. Copy your Agent public certificate (the path for this is listed in Tools > Preferences in Enterprise, or in Site Server Config) to the extracted "Public Certificate" folder.

  5. Edit the extracted "Install Windows Agent.bat" in a text editor and update the "certname", "MAMA', and "PUBSS" variables.



Keep all the parent folder's contents together, and run the BAT file as Administrator on the desired endpoint to uninstall any existing Agents and install the new Agent.



The text file in the attachment may contain links that do not direct properly. They are included below.

Additional command line switches for installing the Agent, if you'd like to modify the script, can be found in the Manually Installing the Windows Enterprise Agent article.

Instructions for installing the Agent on other operating systems can be found on the article AccessData Enterprise Agent.