How do I create a user in an eDiscovery/Enterprise (with ADMS) joint environment that will have access to both products?



  1. Log into the Enterprise Management Server as a Management Server Administrator
  2. Go to Manage Users and add a new user, being sure to specify the permissions that user should have in Enterprise (this creates the user in the managementserver database)
  3. Log into Enterprise Examiner as the newly created user (this copies the user into the ADG database)
  4. Log into eDiscovery as an eDiscovery Administrator
  5. Go to Management > Users and find the listing for the new user
  6. Highlight the user in the list and click the Edit (pencil) icon
  7. Add the user's first and last name and email address, and click OK
  8. Assign any desired eDiscovery roles and permission to the user



  • When creating an LDAP (Active Directory) user in Management server, do not prepend the username with the domain (eg. "domain\user").  Instead, just use the username itself, which will also be how that user logs in to eDiscovery.



Enterprise requires users to exist in ADMS.  Because of this, users created in eDiscovery will not have access to Enterprise.