Error "License Has Been Revoked" appears and FTK GUI Closes.



When processing within a case, FTK presents an error message indicating "a license has been revoked and FTK will now close" and the FTK interface closes.



1) Power saving options: USB port for the dongle became inactive during system idleness.

2) Codemeter Driver issue: e.g. the codemeter service is not running properly or is an old version.

3) Bad dongle: the codemeter device is damaged.

4) Low system resources: When FTK polls for a license, not enough system resources are available to allow the license check to complete in time.


1) Turn off all power saving options in Windows and the BIOS.

2) Reinstall CodeMeter.

3) Replace the dongle.

4) For low system resources, either provide more resources or reduce the processing priority of FTK-related processes.


Applies to:


AD Enterprise